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Church Buildings Fund

General Funds Needed
Building and Maintenance

Help with the costs of buying, renovating, equipping or constructing buildings for church use.

MAF Mareeba Hangar Appeal

General Funds Needed
Building and Maintenance Education for all Indigenous Australian Ministries Mission Office Poor Unreached people groups

A new hangar is urgently needed in Mareeba. Your help is needed to fund it.

Khong Wilai Church Building Project

General Funds Needed
Building and Maintenance Church Planting and Growth

Thai culture necessitates an easily identified and neutral location as a meeting place for church.

Gift of Love – Toilet Construction

Building and Maintenance Water & Sanitation

Your gift can provide many people with a healthier lifestyle.

Facilitate Teaching and Learning

$100K for new technology
Building and Maintenance Developing Christian Leaders Theological Students in Australia

Enable interactive student and lecturer hybrid learning technology

Help build a new children’s home in Africa

$100,000 Funds Needed
Building and Maintenance Children and Youth Ministries

Providing a family environment for disadvantaged children.

Solar Panels

Funds needed
Building and Maintenance

Burundi Housing

$1,200 per house
Building and Maintenance Humanitarian Aid

A$1,200 enables the provision of one house for a poor family

Thailand Building Maintenance Project

$9,720 Funds Needed
Building and Maintenance

Help improve the building for GRN Thailand and make it more secure.

* Disclaimer: Please check details before making any donations.