COVID-19 Crisis - Donations Needed

The coronavirus impact has been spreading rapidly.  Christian missions are in the front-line helping those in crisis in numerous ways.  As well as spiritual and health needs, there are the needs of the poor who suddenly are left with no income to live on.  

COVID-19 Crisis - Donations Needed projects needing support:

Covid-19 Emergency Fund image
Covid-19 Emergency Fund
Help for Poor and Persecuted Christians
SIMaid COVID-19 Emergency Fund image
SIMaid COVID-19 Emergency Fund
Immediate help to health ministries so they can continue serving on the frontline.
Covid-19 Food Emergency Appeal image
Covid-19 Food Emergency Appeal
Lock-down for many them means no work, no income, no food.
Coronavirus Disease Response image
Coronavirus Disease Response
Help stop the spreading of the coronavirus
Help vulnerable children learn during the corona virus pandemic image
Help vulnerable children learn during the corona virus pandemic
Donate a tablet for their remote learning
Home Based Evangelism image
Home Based Evangelism
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is more needed than Ever Before
Indi’s Covid-19 rice project image
Indi’s Covid-19 rice project
Help poor families in India and Cambodia struggling during Covid 19
COVID-19 Project image
COVID-19 Project
GRN and the Coronavirus Crisis
COVID-19 Global Emergency Appeal image
COVID-19 Global Emergency Appeal
It’s time to band together to help stop the rapid spread of coronavirus.
Kinnected’s COVID-19 Response image
Kinnected’s COVID-19 Response
Keeping children in families
Shoulder to Shoulder Strategy - During Covid-19 image
Shoulder to Shoulder Strategy - During Covid-19
Support theological students in developing countries during this difficult time
COVID-19 in Africa, AE's Response image
COVID-19 in Africa, AE's Response
In addition to our ongoing mission work, our national teams have developed tailor-made social action
SMBC Appeal 2020 image
SMBC Appeal 2020
The college urgently needs funds to cover losses from Covid-19

Encourage your friends to support this urgent need.