Local Church Challenges

Opportunities for Australian Churches to support mission.

Getting your church involved

Support a project
Support a Project
Use Givehigher to find a suitable project(s) or Christian worker(s) for your church to support.

Workplace giving
Encourage Member Giving
Encourage church members to find mission work they are passionate about supporting.

Get Creative
Get Creative
How can your church leverage its capabilities to support mission? Could some products or services be donated (in-kind) to mission work? Can your church hold a fundraising event?

Specific opportunities for your church

Bibles for the Persecuted

Church members to identify with and support persecuted Christians over 3 week program

Fuel Good Morning Tea (Fundraiser)

A fun, mission focused fundraising event that you can host with your church community

Global Vision for Local Churches

Are there international students, refugees or migrants in your community?

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