Sacrifice for Mission

Can you make a sacrifice to support a mission project?

Choose a challenge, enter your numbers, and press 'Find Projects'

Cut back on coffee for a good cause
Can you reduce your monthly coffee consumption and use the ongoing savings to support a project(s)?
Number of monthly purchases
Coffee cost ($A per purchase)
Monthly Savings in A$

Put subscription on temporary hold
(eg- Video streaming, music streaming, magazines, gym)
Can you go without a subscription for a few months and use the savings to support a 'higher' project?
Months without subscription
Monthly Subscription cost (A$)
Total savings is A$

unused item
Unused item challenge
(eg - bike, exercise equipment, furniture)
Can you sell your unused item for A$ and use the proceeds to support a 'higher' project?

Cheaper alternative challenge
(eg: Car, Holiday)
Can you buy a A$ cheaper alternative and use the difference to support a 'higher' project?

Challenge a Christian friend to consider a sacrifice for mission