Christian Business Challenges

Opportunities for Australian Christian Businesses to support mission.

Getting your business involved

Support a project
Support a Project
Find a suitable project(s) or Christian worker(s) on Givehigher for your business to support. Could the business commit a percentage of revenue from a specific product?

Workplace giving
Encourage Workplace Giving
Encourage Christian staff to support a project via workplace giving and maybe set up a company matching program. That is, your business matches the donations of employees. (Note: Our understanding is that the Australian workplace giving program only applies to tax deductible projects)

Get creative
Get Creative
How can your business leverage its capabilities to support mission? Could some products or services be donated (in-kind) to mission work? Can your business hold a fundraising event?

Specific opportunities for your business

Business & Corporate Sponsorship

Small to medium businesses can support Bible based missions and gain tax benefits

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Explore CSR opportunities with Bread to strengthen your business.

Partnership in-kind

Can your business partner with Bread to provide in-kind donations that make an impact

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