CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Explore CSR opportunities with Bread to strengthen your business.
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

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Today’s most successful businesses know that they need to give back to the communities; by making this choice the businesses could aid to people in need across the world. CSR collaborations have the potential to provide significant benefit to your business, giving a sense of personal satisfaction and enhancing its market image.

BREAD projects are selected on the basis of need alone, to focus on the most marginalised communities by supporting tangible interventions to alleviate suffering for those we serve.

BREAD is involved in the design and implementation of projects. Regular assessments and evaluations monitor progress and assist in achieving project goals.

BREAD would like to explore with you opportunities to find CSR opportunities to strengthen your business. Choosing the right project is crucial for a successful CSR strategy.

For further information:

Please feel free to contact Jude Simion, CEO of BREAD, on 0415 951 005 or email jude.simion@bread.ngo