Alan & Lucy Rogers

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Indigenous Australian Ministries


Communication & Media, Education & Training, Music and the Arts, Translation & Literacy

Long Term

Alan & Lucy Rogers

Worker Details

Alan and Lucy have been serving in the north of Australia for the past 32 years through Wycliffe Australia with AuSIL. 

Five years were spent among the Garrwa people, learning the language and culture and encouraging the use of the translated Scriptures – 64% New Testament and 144 stories from the Old Testament in audio form. Upon completion of Lucy’s music degree in 1998 and utilizing Alan’s experience with electronics, Lucy and Alan moved into audio/video work with AuSIL. For the past 20 years, they have been running song-writing workshops, recording original Christian songs in local languages, video recording significant Christian events in the Top End and training Indigenous believers in these skills.

Lucy as an ethnoarts specialist will continue to run workshops to encourage folk in the expression of their arts in light of God’s Word, as well as co-teaching a five-week VET media course at Nungalinya College each year.

Lucy is also now the Pacific Area Ethnoarts Coordinator – so working on linking all translation/linguistic/Scripture Use related workers with ethnoarts ideas within the Pacific Area.

They count it a privilege to serve in these ways.

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