Glenn and Liz

Intercultural workers among the Ethnic Thai of Thailand

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Glenn and Liz

Worker Details

Glenn and Liz, along with their children Sebastian, Levi and Oliver have lived in Thailand since early 2017. They are currently serving among the Ethnic Thai in Wiang Chai, Chiang Rai Province. They have enjoyed the challenges of learning the local language along with the rich culture of the Northern Thai people. Early on in their time in Thailand, Glenn and Liz enjoyed living with, learning from and ministering to the established faith communities in the rural area of Ban Luang. This has given them a taste of God at work and what it means for  people to be empowered to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus.

Glenn and Liz continue in their acquisition of the local culture and language, while turning more of their focus to deepening relationships with friends in the local community. Sharing their lives with their local friends is key part of their work in Thailand. Glenn is looking forward to continuing to teach English at the local school, while they are both exploring ways to bless the community through small acts of love. It is through these connections that they share the greatest gift of all; God’s love shown through Jesus. They are excited to see new faith communities emerge within their new context.

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