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Worker Summary

Indigenous Australian Ministries

Northern Territory, Australia

Translation & Literacy


Greg & Rachel Shipp

Key Points

  • Bible Translation
  • Finance
  • Language Assessment
  • Australia

Worker Details

Greg and Rachel joined Wycliffe because they wanted to use their gifts in God's service to help people of all cultures experience the power of God’s Word and his love. Before they started, they didn't realise how important language is to identity and relationships (they thought it was all about accessing information), but now they love to see people relating to God in the language they understand best and enjoy using most - and knowing that God hears and values them as they are.

Greg and Rachel are both applying the skills and interests that they had before hearing about Wycliffe, in support of Bible translation. For Rachel, this is social research skills and for Greg it’s finance.

Due to COVID-19, Greg and Rachel were temporarily unable to take up assignments in Mexico, which they had been working towards for several years. They began serving short-term in the Northern Territory in 2020 supporting Indigenous language translation by Aboriginal Australians in a remote community (Maningrida). After 18 months in this short-term role with AuSIL, Greg and Rachel felt that God was inviting them to stay and invest more deeply in relationships and ministry in Australia’s ‘Top End’.




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