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Student Ministry


Student Ministry


Ministry to students

Key Points

  • Commitment to long-term mission amongst students
  • Leadership training
  • Bible based evangelism and discipleship

Worker Details

CMS has been involved in ministry to students in both high schools and universities for many decades, in locations like Japan, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay and East Asia. In each situation they work under the authority of partner groups with local leadership, often associated with groups like the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). 


The vision CMS promotes on campus, as elsewhere, is for a world that knows Jesus. At the heart of this vision is a Bible-based methodology that seeks to train students in how to speak the gospel of salvation to others, and how to grow as disciples through prayer, Bible reading and faithful obedience. 


CMS missionaries involved in student work are also looking for ways to grow leaders for church and society. Often, this will involve training key local leaders through ministry apprenticeships. These apprenticeships seek to identify people with gospel convictions and character, and give them practical experience in ministry and godly leadership, before going on to further biblical or theological study. 


Will you join us and support missionaries who want to train young students in Bible reading, evangelism, prayer, and Christian mission—ready for a lifetime of Bible-based leadership and evangelism? 

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