Rachel Brabham

Primary School Teacher

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Rachel Brabham

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Generosity and hospitality have been taught to me through instruction and example my whole life, and Christian mission has been a big part of that. My grandparents served on boards of mission organisations, financially supported missionaries and opened their home to those who had momentarily returned. My parents continued this attitude of service and giving in similar ways, but where did I fit in? What role was I to take on in serving others?

Well…I had plans. Big plans. In 2020, I was going to leave my teaching career behind to become a travel writer. My grand vision was to explore countries far and wide, bringing them to life through sharing the experiences of locals in my writing, their unique ways of doing and being. Then COVID happened…and I couldn’t go anywhere. I questioned God as to why He would allow me to quit a stable job, only to sit around doing nothing. It was in this time of quiet and reflection that God put the Logos Hope on my heart, and God’s purpose of serving as a teacher in the ship’s primary school became evident. This was confirmed so many times and by so many people that it couldn’t possibly be a simple coincidence. It was then that I decided to step out in faith and courage to embark on this completely unknown journey.

I pray that you will partner with me on this amazing adventure to see lives changed!

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