Ross Cruickshank

Software Development

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Worker Summary

Education for all Unreached people groups


Communication & Media, Information Technology, Translation & Literacy

Long Term

Ross Cruickshank

Key Points

  • Keyman software development
  • typing on computers minority ethnic languages
  • literacy and language development in many minority ethnic languages

Worker Details

Ross and Belinda have a desire to see all people having access to the Bible and other biblical resources in their heart language, enabling them to know God intimately.

Ross is working towards joining the Keyman software development team. Did you know that there are over 7,000 languages spoken around the world? Keyman solves the complexities of typing any of these languages on computers and is especially valuable for the minority languages not currently supported by major software companies. Keyman has enabled hundreds of Bible translations around the world and is a vital tool for literacy and language development in many minority ethnic languages.

Ross is committed to being part of the team helping to complete the global Bible translation task. You can be a part of this team as you partner with him in prayer, financial support and encouragement.

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