Scott and Rebekah

Cross-cultural workers among the Yawo of Mozambique

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Scott and Rebekah

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Scott and Bek, along with their five children Levi (born 2010), Josiah (born 2012), Katelyn (born 2014), Elliana (born 2016) and Isaac (born 2018) live rurally in Mozambique among the Yawo.

The family arrived in Mozambique in 2012, moving to their current village location in 2014. Since that time Scott and Bek have worked hard at learning language and culture, establishing trust within the community and developing key relationships. As they  have entered into the lives of those around them, Scott and Bek have had many opportunities to share stories of God and pray with both groups and individuals. They have also been able to partner with various groups in the community to assist them in meeting practical needs. 

As they continue to build on the foundations already established, Scott and Bek look forward to seeing a vibrant faith community among the Yawo in the future. A community of people who have experienced God’s freedom in their lives and have a deep knowledge of His story and their place in it. 

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