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Worker Summary

Indigenous Australian Ministries


Church Ministry, Theological Education


Working alongside Indigenous Australians

Key Points

  • Commitment to long-term mission amongst Aboriginal people
  • Bible translation and training leaders
  • Working alongside Aboriginal churches to tackle social problems.

Worker Details

CMS carries a special concern for gospel work amongst indigenous people living in the north of Australia. 


The CMS commitment to long-term mission means that CMS missionaries in Australia have worked with and alongside Indigenous Australians since 1908 in the Northern Territory and more recently in North West Australia. CMS missionaries have worked with Aboriginal translators for decades to bring the Bible into the heart language of different Aboriginal groups. The recent completion of the entire New Testament in the Kunwinjku language was a major milestone.  


It is well-known that Australian Aboriginal communities and their associated churches and families face ongoing social challenges. CMS missionaries have for many years lived in and worked with Aboriginal communities, supporting churches and assisting them in dealing with these difficulties. 

CMS missionaries have also taught over many years at Nungalinya, a unique Bible college in Darwin, that equips Aboriginal leaders for service in their own churches and communities. 


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