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AZTEM's purpose is to encourage and facilitate Australian Christians with marketable skills, to live and witness for Christ in cross-cultural situations. 

Tentmaker is often used to describe a Christian who has a secular work identity and lives in a culture other than their own with the purpose of reaching others for Christ. This follows in the tradition of the Apostle Paul and many early missionaries. Professionals can work in many places where traditional missionary work is restricted.

Aztem is a network for tentmakers which 

  •  equips Christians to witness in the global workplace 
  •  mentors and provides accountability 
  •  prays and cares practically for members Some Christians go alone with their work overseas. 

We believe that it is far better to have the pre-departure training, on-field advice and mentoring from experienced tentmakers and the prayer and pastoral support which an agency such as Aztem provides. 


Many Aztem members serve long-term, some undertake projects for one or two years. Some members serve through shorter visits and assignments. Almost all members are financially supported by their work or their own business. People have served in many countries - in Aftica, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific - and often in countries where the church is small and missionaries cannot enter. Our members serve in many capacities, including IT specialist, atmospheric scientist, architect, nurse educator, English (ESL) teacher, doctor, university administrator, agriculturalist, various types of engineer, business entrepreneur, road safety consultant, medical scientist, Christian educator. Spouses and children also have a significant role to play. Aztem is part of a global network of tentmaker agencies, is an Accredited Member of Missions Interlink Australia. It was founded by experienced missionaries and mission theologians and has 27 years of experience.

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