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Know God’s word; take it to the world.

Regions Served
  • Australia - Urban
  • Australian College of Theology
  • Non-denominational
  • Missions Interlink

About BST

Our desire for all our students is that they will better know and understand God’s word and be equipped to take it out into the world – no matter what course you choose that’s the ultimate goal you’ll be working towards.

Yet we know that every student has different gifts that God will use in unique ways, which is why we offer many paths of study leading to that same end goal. Every unit in every course involves growing your knowledge, shaping your character and giving you practical skills, making sure the whole of you is fit for God’s purposes.

At BST we love our diverse community that consists of people from different countries and backgrounds (more than 14 languages are currently spoken on our campus) and we welcome international students.

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