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Empowering communities to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus

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About Global Interaction

Empowering communities to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus

Global Interaction is the international cross-cultural sending agency of Australian Baptist churches and facilitates the service of Australian Baptists in Christ’s global mission. We believe that all people - of all cultures and faith backgrounds - should have the opportunity to hear the message of Jesus in a way that makes sense to them. Global Interaction cross-cultural teams are currently serving among least-reached people groups and partnering with established faith communities in Africa, Asia and Outback Australia.  

Global Interaction partners with Australian Baptists to see growing, vibrant faith communities emerge among least-reached people groups. We share the Gospel by learning their culture, speaking their heart language and deeply engaging with people in their spiritual and physical needs.  

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Global Interaction projects include:

Global Interaction projects
Supporting PNG Ministry Leaders
Support the development and equipping of local pastors and leaders in PNG
Global Interaction projects
Education Foundation
The Education Foundation is employing and upskilling local people
Global Interaction projects
Empowering the Adivasi people
Help improve outcomes in health, education and employment

Global Interaction workers include:

Ben and Petra
Ben and Petra
Cross-cultural workers among the K people of Silk Road Area
Mat and Shannon
Mat and Shannon
Cross-cultural workers in Outback Australia
Max and Ezzie
Max and Ezzie
Cross-cultural workers in South East Asia

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