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  • Pacific & Oceania
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About MAF Australia

MAF Australia is a Christian organisation that provides aviation services for people living in remote areas all over the world. For over 60 years, MAF aircraft have been serving isolated men, women and children, by providing them with a regular flight and freight service which and also delivers medical care, emergency supplies and Christian hope.

Every four minutes, an MAF plane takes off or lands somewhere in the world. These flights enable crucial work by many aid and development agencies, missions, local churches and other national groups. MAF Australia is serving the Church and communities in remote areas where flying is not a luxury, but a lifeline

As well as pilots and engineers we need lots of other people to keep us in the air! Eg: accountants, administrators, builders, mechanics, quality managers, stores managers and many more! Please contact us if you are interested in being part of the MAF Australia team! You never know, your skills could be used for God in MAF Australia.

MAF Australia projects include:

MAF Australia projects
Fill a drum of fuel
Your drum will provide around ten flights in a country like PNG
MAF Australia projects
MAF Mareeba Hangar Appeal
A new hangar is urgently needed in Mareeba. Your help is needed to fund it.
MAF Australia projects
Fill a jerrycan of fuel
It’s hard to imagine that a little jerrycan – filled with fuel – has the power to save a life.

Support MAF Australia

Ways to support include:

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