African Crisis Relief (New Tax-Deductible Project)

You can help Africa in Crises.
Africa Inland Mission Ltd

Africa Inland Mission Ltd

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Project Summary

Humanitarian Aid

General Funds Needed


Tax Deductible

Updated 22-05-2020

Project Details

Africa Inland Mission is partnering with Global Development Group in Project J1076N, African Crises Relief. This project will help provide emergency aid and relief through financial aid for food and essential supplies in the event of crisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic. This project is tax-deductible in Australia and New Zealand.

Primary activities include :

• Providing funds through AIM workers or trusted partners.

• Often giving -rst-response aid before other agencies arrive.

• Providing assistance in a prolonged disaster or famine

from drought and other causes. Often Work-for-Food

programs are used to provide assistance with honour.

• Providing assistance to people regardless of race or creed

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