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Project Summary

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$5,365 needed to finish project


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Updated 04-06-2020

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Project Details

In PNG, fewer than 20 emerging PNG Baptist church leaders have been trained at a degree level but we want to see that number grow. We want to see more people have access to courses and be well equipped in their ministry.

There are many pastors in PNG enrolling for leadership training courses through the Christian Leaders Training College or a program called ‘Training for Trainers’, facilitated through the Baptist Union of PNG (BUPNG). There are courses available at Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor and Masters levels; however, the cost of these courses can be challenging for them to meet.

With your support, this project will subsidise the costs of training for local church leaders, equipping them to lead existing faith communities and establish new ones.

This project requires $5,390 per year and plans to run until 2020.

Gifts to this project are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.​

We need your help to see more pastors attend leadership training courses in PNG so they can better equip and disciple their own people.

Funding Progress

Project Cost = $5,390 (100%)
Donated as at 29-05-2020 = $25 (0.4638218923933209647495361781%)
Needed to Finish Project* = $5,365 (99.53617810760667903525046382%)

* Please confirm outstanding amount needed before donating.

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