Hope for Prisoners

Help prisoners train in skills for the future.

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Updated 07-02-2024

Hope for Prisoners
Hope for Prisoners
Hope for Prisoners
Hope for Prisoners
Hope for Prisoners
Hope for Prisoners

Project Details

This special project reaches out to prisoners to help train them in skills for the future.

We aim to:

  • Continue a computer and administration skills training program for male prisoners at Kapenguria Prison, Kenya. This training program was launched in June 2019. This was a new initiative for Access Hope Inc.
  • Provide training which includes computer and keyboard skills; communication; time management; presentation; team work, and writing skills.
  • Employ local part-time trainers.
  • Engage with the Prison via our existing Prison Chaplain network.
  • Further assist the prisoners by our trainers using their social work knowledge.

For further details about this life-changing program or to donate (Windows) laptops, email Sue at:  support@accesshope.org.au

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