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Transformation through literacy

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Project Summary

Education for all Family Support Poor Women Empowerment

$27,000 needed to finish project


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Updated 12-06-2020

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Key Points

  • poor and illiterate,
  • literacy skills in Moba

Project Details

This project provides new opportunities and greater choice for the poor and illiterate, and particularly for women, who make up 75% of the participants.

In the past nine months 198 Moba women and men, many of whom have had little or no previous formal schooling, have taken up the opportunity to attend 14 different literacy classes offered by Moba teachers and supervisors funded by this program.

A local leader, Joseph S, said: “I give glory to God and thanks to you for your efforts to liberate our brothers and sisters from the darkness of illiteracy. The ability to read one’s language is a treasure that neither termites nor thieves can take from us”.

Kombaté, a Moba woman, wrote: “These classes have helped those of us who were not able to go to [formal] school. For me particularly, there’s been great benefit in my reading of the Word of God and in my apprenticeship [as a seamstress]”.

David was 31 when he took a Moba literacy course run at a local church. The following year he took an advanced Moba course and additional mentoring. David said it was these literacy skills in Moba that have enabled him to lead the local church and to train others how to preach the Word of God. “I thank God for inspiring the leaders of ATAPEB (Wycliffe partner in Togo) to think of us illiterates and to provide a way for our full development,” David said.

These funds cover the costs for classes, Moba teachers and supervisors, and material production. It costs approximately $100 to deliver this church-based literacy training program for each participant.

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