New Mums and Babies Survival Project

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Compassion Australia

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Project Summary

Family Support

$25,000 per year

Various locations

Not Tax Deductible

Updated 01-05-2020

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Key Points

  • Launch a new survival project in an area where lives are at risk.
  • Your gift will cover operating costs for a year.

Project Details

Our church partners have identified needy communities whose mums and babies’ lives are at risk. Your gift will launch a brand-new survival project in one of these areas, covering the operating costs for one whole year. By supporting mums and babies who need urgent support, you’ll help save precious lives.

A survival project provides mothers and their newborns with essential care from the womb to age one. The support young families receive is tailored to their individual needs. Compassion staff visit families in their homes regularly to offer health checkups, nutritional support, immunisations, hygiene training, loving guidance and much more.

You will be helping a community’s youngest and most vulnerable children—those at greatest risk of dying within their first year of life. Your gift will bring new hope and critical support where it’s needed most.

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