OM Near East Refugee Relief

Support refugees who have fled from Syria to neighbouring countries

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Operation Mobilisation Australia

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Refugee Support

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Refugees from Syria

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Updated 17-11-2021

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Key Points

  • Refugees
  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Food
  • Medical

Project Details

The United Nations estimates that there are currently 6.3 million internally displaced people within Syria and over 4 million refugees that have fled to neighbouring countries. They are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance with most struggling to access the basic necessities of life.

Through local churches we are able to provide thousands of families with food packages, health, hygiene and medical assistance as well as winter packages to help them survive the harsh winter conditions. We are also able to train and financially support educators who are assisting the thousands of children no longer able to attend school as well as beginning an income generating project for women.

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