Strategic Conference

Annual conference to bring NGO staff and family together

Baptist Mission Australia

Baptist Mission Australia

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$21,975 needed to finish project

South Asia

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Updated 04-06-2020

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Project Details

The annual Strategic Conference is the most significant event on the organisation’s calendar. This project enables the 170 staff and their families to come together in a relaxed environment to celebrate their achievements and encourage each other in their work.

At the conference, the staff and guests reflect on the incredible lifechanging work of the NGO and celebrate what God is enabling them to do. Through the work of our partner NGO, thousands of people are being raised out of poverty and empowered with new skills and techniques. Individuals, families and communities are being transformed. This event also gives them the opportunity to showcase their work and to strengthen their relationships. They are inspired by guest speakers and refreshed through music, dancing and friendly sporting contests and games. For most, this is the only ‘time off’ they have all year.

Many will also spend time reading the Bible and prayerfully seeking guidance for the year ahead as they go out to serve among poor and vulnerable people and families.

Funds enable them to attend the conference and cover the transport, food and accommodation costs of staff as well as venue hire and other essential resources. The conference is held each January.  

Funding the project invests in the lives of the local staff emotionally and spiritually, and enables them to celebrate together all that God is doing through the NGO.

This is an annual project. Any gifts received above the target amount will contribute to next year's budget.

Gifts to this project are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Funding Progress

Project Cost = $22,000 (100%)
Donated as at 29-05-2020 = $25 (0.1136363636363636363636363636%)
Needed to Finish Project* = $21,975 (99.88636363636363636363636364%)

* Please confirm outstanding amount needed before donating.

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