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Poor Women Empowerment

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Updated 29-10-2020

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In Asian culture, many widows are seen as a curse and may even be shunned from society. Depending on the circumstances, they’re often ignored by even their close relatives.

Abandoned children also face extremely difficult conditions. On their own, they search for food in waste dumps and make their homes with trash and rubble.

COVID-19 has put widows and abandoned children at even greater risk as they are among the most vulnerable in society. In addition to the risk of contracting this virus, many of them struggle to even put food in their stomachs, and, for widows, feed their children.

Their Situation Can Improve

Your donation will provide GFA World-supported workers with the means to help these precious women and children of God by providing essentials and hope in this desperate time.

Your gift will also give them the chance to hear about their Creator and a Saviour who loves them so much that He gave His life for them, and cares about their daily needs.

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