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Morling College & Morling College Perth (Vose Campus)

Morling College & Morling College Perth (Vose Campus)

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Developing Christian Leaders Theological Students in Australia

$9.5-14K pa/student


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Updated 25-05-2020

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Morling College has a real and growing commitment to identifying, developing, and releasing future leaders for Baptist churches, Australian evangelical churches, and the global evangelical community. We are committed to developing leaders who wholeheartedly embrace the five core values of the Baptist Churches of NSW/ACT: being Christ-centred, mission-shaped, relationally committed, partnership-oriented, and people-empowering.

To equip leaders in this way, Morling is proactively taking steps to secure access to its growing postgraduate program of ministry and theological studies. This is an expression of our desire to be God's agents in boldly anticipating and preparing for the challenges that will most stretch the church in the years ahead.

Why Do People Do Research at Morling?

An integral part of preparing for the challenges facing the church is fostering theological and ministry scholarship. This not only strengthens evangelicalism's position in the academy but, more importantly, it equips God's church for his mission in Australia, the Asia-Pacific, and the world.

One of the ways Morling College does this is by supporting postgraduate research. This is evident in our dynamic involvement with the Australian College of Theology, the University of Divinity, Langham International, etc. Morling College has recently appointed Dr Andrew Sloane to the position of Director of Postgraduate Studies-an important and strategic appointment for the College.

Students choose to do research at Morling because of our excellent faculty and their reputation as researchers, communicators, and writers-some of the best published scholars and practitioners in Australia. These include Michael Frost (a leading theologian of missional church practice), David Starling (a leader in theological hermeneutics), Ross Clifford (one of Australia's leading apologists), Darrell Jackson (known widely for his missiological expertise), Miyon Chung (a systematic theologian), and Andrew Sloane (Old Testament studies and Christian Thought ; also Director of Postgraduate Studies).

You can see why people choose Morling College as the place to do research. At Morling, they are exposed to some of the best communicators, writers, and researchers in Australia (especially in the areas of Bible, theology, mission, apologetics, leadership, and ministry).  

How Can You Support This Postgraduate Scholarship Fund?

This kind of commitment to theological scholarship and ministerial excellence requires significant financial commitment. We have been encouraged with the way that past students have benefitted through scholarships and funding from both the Australian College of Theology and the University of Divinity. We are thrilled that our students will continue to have access to such funding.

In a changing and uncertain educational environment, however, we recognize that we cannot depend only on funding through such sources. Morling College has decided to forge ahead in resourcing postgraduate ministry and theological research by establishing The Morling Postgraduate Scholarship Fund.

We invite you to join with us by contributing to this Scholarship Fund.

Your tax-deductible donations to the Postgraduate Scholarship Fund will be immediately available to doctoral and other research students. Monies from the Fund will be disbursed equitably to postgraduate research students to help them meet their tuition fees, currently in the order of $9,500¬-$14,000 per year. Surplus donations that exceed the annual demands made on the Fund in any one year will be added to a capital fund to benefit future students.

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