Unreached people groups

Unreached people groups

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An unreached people group lacks enough Christians and resources to evangelise their own people. Currently there are over 6750 people groups unreached by God's word. To reach such groups the following work is being done:

  • Equipping missionaries
  • Bible and Christian literature translation
  • Supporting the small local church amongst people groups
"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."
—Mark 16:21, NIV

Unreached people groups projects include:

Reaching the Least Reached Fund
Reaching the Least Reached Fund
Support a variety of exciting Christian ministry projects that share the message of the Gospel
Strategic Conference
Strategic Conference
Annual conference to bring NGO staff and family together
COVID-19 Project
COVID-19 Project
GRN and the Coronavirus Crisis

Unreached people groups workers include:

Tim and Melanie photo
Tim and Melanie
Cross-cultural workers among the Yawo of Malawi
Mel photo
Preparing to serve among the K people of the Silk Road Area
Petina photo
Cross-cultural workers among the Ethnic Thai of Thailand

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