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Support an evangelist or pastor

$50 per staff/mth
Persecuted Christians Worker Support

Help persecuted church by contribute to living costs for pastors/evangelists

Evangelist Support Fund

General Funds Needed
Worker Support

Support national evangelists and church-planters ministering to other faiths.

Fill a drum of fuel

$500 per fuel drum
Worker Support

Your drum will provide around ten flights in a country like PNG

Fill a jerrycan of fuel

$50 per jerrycan
Worker Support

It’s hard to imagine that a little jerrycan – filled with fuel – has the power to save a life.

Bereavement Fund (Support family of decreased field worker)

General Funds Needed
Worker Support

Give comfort and protection to those whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice.

Training African Translation Consultants – Study Tour

$43,000 Funds Needed
Christian Resources Developing Christian Leaders Worker Support

Training African Translation

Bike for field worker

$125 per biike
Worker Support

Set the wheels in motion for one of our Field Workers!

Pastoral Support

General Funds Needed
Worker Support

F/T Christian ministry is difficult when local churches can't afford to support their own pastors.

* Disclaimer: Please check details before making any donations.