Christian Resources

Christian Resources

Bible Translation. Christian Media Production. Distribution. Communication.

The Need

In order to communicate God's word, there needs to be suitable material prepared and distributed in a language understood by the recipients. 

The Response

Christian missions work to distribute Bibles and Christian material is a number of ways, such as:

  • Bible translation work (both written and audio)
  • Distribution via local Christians (eg- pastors, evangelists)
  • Placing directly in the hands of those wanting a Bible who can't afford or dont have easy access to.
  • Communication via radio and videos

Christian Resources projects include:

Avionics Upgrade Urgently Needed.
Avionics Upgrade Urgently Needed.
Every year, MAF carries over 36,000 passengers in Papua New Guinea
Bibles and Scriptures Fund
Bibles and Scriptures Fund
Many persecuted Christians are deprived of Christian resources that would help them grow.

Christian Resources workers include:

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