Catherine and KimLean

Intercultural workers among the Khmer of Cambodia

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Siem Reap

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Catherine and KimLean

Worker Details

Catherine has been serving in Cambodia since July 2009. She has a heart to journey with people towards Jesus. She visits a village outside of Siem Reap city where she is builds relationships and share stories of Jesus with families there. In her home, and the homes of friends, she meets with local women, talking and learning together about truth, justice, spirituality, family roles and responsibilities, and who Jesus might be for these Khmer women in the midst of their daily lives.

KimLean is a Khmer man who is joining the team in Cambodia. He was born in a Refugee Camp on the Thai-Cambodian border, and lived there until he was 11 years old. When KimLean turned 18, his father sent him to Phnom Penh to become a Buddhist Monk. After eight years, including three years in Indonesia, KimLean left the Monkhood. He began teaching Indonesian, and then later became a Khmer culture and language nurturer. Even though his life had changed for the better, he still felt the shame from his former years in the refugee camp.

When KimLean worked at the Language School in Phnom Penh he connected with Khmer men who were all seeking to learn and grow in God. He started hearing about Jesus, asking questions and seeking God. Over a number of years, KimLean discovered his passion in coming alongside Khmer men, where they can find true strength, healing and transformation in Jesus together 

In 2022, Catherine and KimLean are getting married. They need people and churches to partner with them prayerfully and financially as they serve.

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