Cross-cultural worker among the Khmer of Cambodia

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Unreached people groups

Siem Reap

Community Development, Evangelism & Discipleship

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Worker Details

Catherine has been serving in Cambodia since July 2009. Initially working on the Cambodia-Thai border. In 2014 she relocated to Siem Reap to join the team in developing new ministries in the North West region.

With a background in social work and social policy, Catherine is involved in exploring and deepening the team’s understanding of the history of this area, as well as socio-economical, political, cultural and faith perspectives. She works with the team assisting in the development of a sports platform. Using tennis, Catherine journeys with local coaches, children and young people, mentoring them as they grow leadership and life skills alongside sporting abilities.

Catherine also visits a village outside of Siem Reap city to build relationships and share stories of Jesus with families there. In her home, and the homes of friends, she meets with local women, talking and learning together about truth, justice, spirituality, family roles and responsibilities, and who Jesus might be for these Khmer women in the midst of their daily lives.

Through these growing relationships, Catherine desires to enable Khmer people to discover Jesus in the rich tapestry of their Khmer culture. She is passionate about journeying with people and is looking forward to continuing learning, growing and sharing together as Jesus works His transformation.

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