David and Eliza

Cross-cultural workers among the K people of Silk Road Area

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Unreached people groups

Silk Road

Community Development, Education & Training

Long Term

David and Eliza

Worker Details

Since 2015, David and Eliza, along with their children, Jude, Dustin and Caitlyn have been serving among the K people of the Silk Road Area.

They continue to focus their time on understanding the K culture and learning the local language through regular lessons with a language nurturer. Their developing language skills are enabling them to grow in their ability to have deep spiritual conversations and share the message of Jesus in a way that makes sense to their  K friends. 

David and Eliza are involved in the lives of a growing circle of friends, and are always looking for ways to connect deeply with K people. David is exploring how to use his metal and woodworking skills, and farming experience to get alongside local men. The team has established an English Teaching and Community Centre, where Eliza teaches.

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