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David & Ming Fang Strickland

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David and Ming Fang Strickland received the call to work on Bible translation and Scripture Use for the Anmatyerr people of Central Australia. They believe that every people group should have a Bible which speaks to their hearts, that is, one written in their mother tongue.

Since 2011, they have been based in Alice Springs at the Bible Place, where there is an office and bookshop. David makes occasional trips north to Ti Tree and Stirling to facilitate translation and language work. He hopes they will be able to produce an Anmatyerr Mini-Bible in 2020. By God’s grace, the Gospels of Mark and John, the Seven Letters booklet (from the New Testament) the Lutheran Short Catechism, and God’s Story for the Outback (in 3 dialects/languages) have been dedicated. In addition, Acts and Luke have been completed. Ming Fang has trained as a recordist and works on producing audio recordings of Scripture in various languages of Central Australia. She also assists with running the bookshop.

Their son Enoch is starting his final year of high school at St Philip’s College in 2020.

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