Daz and Bee

Intercultural workers in South East Asia

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Worker Summary

Livelihoods (Job Creation) Unreached people groups

South East Asia

Community Development, Education & Training

Long Term

Daz and Bee

Worker Details

Daz and Bee moved to South East Asia in July 2018 with their three children, Connor, Ella and Libby. Since their arrival, Daz and Bee have focused on learning to understand and speak the local language, and immersing themselves in the culture of their host people.

They have also taken over the directorship of a café the team have been running for several years. They are excited to see how their previous skills in project management, retail and customer service are being put to good use as they take on their new leadership roles at the café. Their newfound language abilities and cultural understanding are allowing them to grow deeper relationships with local friends.

Daz and Bee have seen first-hand how much people need the saving grace of Jesus in South East Asia, and they are passionate about continuing to share their hope in culturally appropriate ways. They are excited to see how God is going to use them and the café ministry over the coming years to transform lives and expand His Kingdom!

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