Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Livelihoods (Job Creation)

Help create jobs which in turn alleviates poverty

The creation of a livelihood (job creation) is an effective way to lift people out of poverty.

A number of Christian missions are working to create or support jobs in developing countries as follows:

  • Vocation training - provide training in the skills needed to obtain a job.
  • Microfinance - lending money to an entrepreneur or small businesses on good terms to help start or grow a business. 
  • Business creation - create a business with the intention of creating good jobs for locals
  • Equipping people with ‘tools’ for their trade
"May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands."
—Psalms 90v17

Livelihoods (Job Creation) projects include:

Small Business Start-Up Fund
Small Business Start-Up Fund
Provide training and/or start-up costs to enable persecuted Christians to support themselves
Community Transformation Fund
Community Transformation Fund
Support projects helping to provide clean water, food sustainability, health and hygiene education,

Livelihoods (Job Creation) workers include:

Phil photo
Cross-cultural worker among the B people of South Asia
Dave and Caz photo
Dave and Caz
Cross-cultural workers in South East Asia
Max and Ezzie photo
Max and Ezzie
Cross-cultural workers in South East Asia

Encourage your friends to support job creation in poor countries