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Worker Summary

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Marketing & Fundraising, Student Ministry, Youth & Children

Long Term

Jessie Wei

Key Points

  • serving Australian Chinese diaspora churches
  • Representation at churches, mission conferences and events

Worker Details

Jessie is passionate about seeing every people group in the world have access to the Bible in their heart language and being transformed by the power of God’s Word.

In the past this led her to join Wycliffe Australia and serve the bibleless peoples in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jessie is now starting a role with the Wycliffe Australia term in NSW to advocate for the minority language communities worldwide and mobilise the church in Australia for the Bible translation movement.

Coming from a Chinese church and speaking fluent Cantonese and Mandarin, Jessie is in a unique position to encourage the Australian Chinese church to be involved in the global Bible translation task. She will do this through representing Wycliffe at churches, mission conferences and events; maintaining relationships with Chinese churches and organisations, offering Wycliffe services to support them; helping individuals in their journey to Wycliffe and developing programs specifically suited to the Chinese diaspora.

Jessie is deeply distressed that more than 2000 language groups, representing 171 million people, still do not have a single verse of the Bible in their heart languages. She believes every Christian can play a part in ending this Bible poverty. Her desire is to engage Christians and churches to meet this need as part of their commitment to the Lord’s Great Commission.

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