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Jit and Jan

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Jit and Jan work alongside local national churches in Sangklaburi and beyond, in Western Thailand, bordering Myanmar, to reach local communities and encourage believers. Jit has been part of a team seeking to reach a remote village of Pwo Karen, members of a Karen sub group similar to the Telako. The new group is now considering the truth and claims of Jesus.

Jit and Jan work through Lanternlight Ministries, bringing light and hope to those with disabilities in the community. Jan’s nursing experience provides understanding of the challenges as their team seeks to meet the needs and encourage families for whom disability is a daily challenge. This compassionate ministry brings opportunities to show and share Christ’s love. They network with other organisations where there can be mutual benefit to those in need.

Jit and Jan also teach in the local Bible school as well as support the ministries of the Kwai River Christian Hospital, United Christian School, Hostel and Gethsemane Bible School. Jit and Jan seek to be sensitive to all opportunities to witness to God’s love with those they meet and encourage followers of Jesus.

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