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Chief Executive Officer

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Linda Gouldsmith
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Linda Gouldsmith
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Linda has raised her family with her husband Ian and for many years worked in a couple of jobs in order to travel overseas on mission work.

In 1999, Linda was invited on her first missions trip which forever changed her life. She knew this was exactly what God had called her to do. As this work grew, she eventually gave up all paid work to serve as the founder and CEO of Access Hope Inc. This is now a registered charity involved in helping disadvantaged people and vulnerable children overseas. Linda now oversees the running of a children’s home in Kenya.

Other involvements include a prisoner training programme and also community development work in Burundi. Linda continues to work extremely hard as the spearhead for Access Hope.

The board now feels that it is time to give Linda a well-deserved wage.

If you would like to financially support Linda in this vital work, please contact Diana at or contact Linda directly. Her email is: 

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