Max and Ezzie

Intercultural workers in South East Asia

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South East Asia

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Max and Ezzie

Worker Details

Max and Ezzie are intercultural workers sent from the Baptist Churches of Mizoram, India, who have been seconded to Baptist Mission Australia. Along with their children Puia and Nadya, Max and Ezzie have been serving in South East Asia since 2011. 

In 2015, Max and Ezzie and their children moved to live among the B.I people in a different part of South East Asia. Over the years they have learnt the local culture and language and engaged in relationship building with the local people. 

Max and Ezzie have been involved in community development activities through Creation Care and Language Centre projects, including environment and agribusiness related activities, education management consultancy and literacy programs for children, trash bank programs, and food aid projects during the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently they started a new initiative which allows them to continue to live in South East Asia, as well as extend their platform to reach more local people.

They are passionate about sharing the gospel with the B.I people in culturally appropriate ways, developing and empowering the small number of believers and seeing faith communities arise among these people.

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