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R and B served with Baptist Mission Australia in Central Asia for many years and are returning soon with the wonderful addition of their son, C!


R initially started in the team as a teacher of English and Linguistics in a university in Central Asia in 2003. B joined the ministry after their marriage in 2005. They are from the Baptist Churches of Mizoram (BCM), seconded to Baptist Mission Australia. For the last three years they have been living in Mizoram, honouring a commitment with BCM to fulfil a role as Principal at a university in Mizoram. With the blessing of BCM, they are now returning to the team in Central Asia! Baptist Mission Australia is grateful to BCM releasing them to return.

With many years of experience teaching in Central Asia, interacting with government officials and like-minded organisations, as well as studying the culture and language of their area in Central Asia, they are excited to be able to do this once again. They are committed to serving as part of Baptist Mission Australia's Central Asia team and hope to move there in January 2020, just in time to start the new university year.

They plan to work at the local university once again and reconnect with friends and networks established in the past as well as building new relationships. They are passionate about culture and language and developing deeper friendships with those around them. Their heart is to share the Gospel in a significant way with the H people.

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