Tobias and Heather

Intercultural workers among the Yawo of Mozambique

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Tobias and Heather

Worker Details

Tobias and Heather are strongly committed to serving God in a way that makes a real difference in people’s lives. During their second term, Tobias conducted a sociolinguistic survey of Ciyawo in Mozambique in order to assess the need for a Mozambican-specific Ciyawo Bible translation. The results of the survey point to the need for some kind of Mozambican Ciyawo Bible translation work and so the next steps involve working out exactly how to proceed in this area. 

Regardless of which pathway is undertaken, Tobias and Heather anticipate that their role within the team will be focused on Scripture engagement – whether this be through a full Bible translation project or through other valuable initiatives that work on empowering Yawo communities to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus.

Heather’s primary role is to oversee Elijah, Rachel and Lydia’s education, enabling Tobias to focus full-time on ministry. The ongoing need for learning language and culture also keeps Tobias and Heather busy as they seek to be part of what God is doing among the Yawo in Mozambique. 

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