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The Kothara and Salur Community Hospitals

General Funds Needed
Disability Support Health Care Humanitarian Aid

Help provide medical care to people affected by leprosy, and the wider community.

Gift of Love – Walking Aids

Disability Support Health Care

Support the load of those disabled by leprosy by providing a walking stick, cane or crutch.

Nepal Education Program

General Funds Needed
Children and Youth Ministries Disability Support Family Support Humanitarian Aid Livelihoods (Job Creation)

The Education Program helps children affected by leprosy or disability attend school.

Gift of Love – Reconstructive Surgery

Disability Support Health Care

Provide a patient with this surgery to enable them to move their fingers or walk!

Gift of Love – Physiotherapy

Disability Support

Help someone affected by leprosy recover the use of their fingers, feet or limbs

Gift of Love – Wheelchair

Disability Support

Allow a person with a disability to be mobile, so they can go out to work and socialise.

Gift of Love – Eye Surgery

Disability Support Health Care

Give the priceless gift of sight with eye surgery for a leprosy patient.

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