Tough times for Christian Missions during coronavirus

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Have you thought about the coronavirus impact on mission work?   During times of anxiety, loss and solitude are growing mission field opportunities and needs. However, Australian missions are expected to lose financial support during 2020 due to an economic fallout. (NB - Also, there are no Jobseeker allowances for overseas missionaries)

In a post-covid world, it is harder for missions to promote and fundraise at conferences and speaking events.  Like many organisations, it is likely that missions will need to reinvent themselves in some way to continue their important work.  One clear consequence of covid is the growing importance of digital platforms. 

To help maintain and grow the important work of missions, Missions Interlink has fast-tracked the launch of a new digital platform called GiveHigher ( .

Givehigher promotes mission projects and Christian workers needing financial support.   It encourages Christians to invest in God’s Kingdom (Give) while setting their minds on things above (Higher) over earthly things. (Colossians 3:2).  

According to Nataliya Osipova (National Director), ”Through GiveHigher we hope to provide a central place for Australian Christians to discover new opportunities to support mission.  Looking at the news we can see how fortunate we are in Australia during these times.   It is our hope and prayers that Australian Christians will be leaders in the growing need to support global mission work”.  

GiveHigher is a free service and all donations are made directly with the mission organisation.

It launches on 1st June 2020.  ( 

Missions Interlink (MI) is the Australian network for global mission.  It exists to connect Australians with a passion for global mission.  MI operates across Australia providing training and networking opportunities, sharing information and resources, facilitating collaboration and high standard of practice, and advocating on behalf of members and associates.  Established in1986, it is non-denomination and has over 140 mission agency members and Bible colleges. MI is a non-profit organisation.


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