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About Interserve

Interserve is a global community of ordinary Christians taking action in faith. We live and work among the peoples of Asia and the Arab world, both in their home countries and among diaspora in Australia. Most of the 3.3 billion Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist people who live in this region have never met a Christian. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings good news to the poor, freedom for the oppressed, healing of the sick and demonstrates God's love for the whole world.

Our faith in God becomes action when we follow in Jesus' footsteps. We are involved in bringing tangible love, social change and spiritual transformation to lives and communities. We are doctors, teachers, baristas, accountants, carpenters, musicians, entrepreneurs, community development workers and more. By God's grace, people encounter the gospel as we share our lives, skills and experience. We choose to work among the marginalised people in the regions of the world where we can make a real difference: the Arab world and Asia.

Interserve projects include:

Interserve projects
Supporting Third Culture Kids
Support Kath who walks alongside and supports Third Culture Kids at all stages
Interserve projects
Love Risks
Equipping followers of Jesus to live out their faith
Interserve projects
Love Heals
Healthcare for people in remote or poor communities.

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