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Updated 26-05-2020

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OCA launched a 15 year strategy in 2018 to assist the 105 Anglican Bible colleges across the continent. A key to the strategy was the identification of the six leading theological institutions across Africa. These are the colleges which influence and support the 100 smaller ones. The strategy has over 20 projects associated with it including upskilling faculty members, developing new courses and programs, and introducing new concepts which improve the whole system.

As part of the strategic planning between OCA and the leading colleges we have been working on a number of themes. Several of these are already well funded, e.g. pedagogy training for faculty, upgrades to faculty degrees and library funding. Some new themes have resulted in concrete projects which need support.

Islamic Studies for Apologetics and Mission

There are very few resources in the African context for responding positively to the expansion of Islam. OCA is seeking to extend the competence of the whole system of colleges by strengthening two centres of study. Further details can be obtained from the Executive Director. 

Financial Need

Immediate need - $20,000 for establishment, research, libraries etc

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