Agriculture & Income for vulnerable farmers

Helping release vulnerable farmers into new opportunities to grow food and earn an income
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Livelihoods (Job Creation)

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Updated 22-05-2020

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Helping release vulnerable farmers into new opportunities to grow food, earn an income, and achieve more of their God-given potential.

Each gift to TEAR Australia is an opportunity to plan seeds of God’s Kingdom in poor and marginalised communities. Working with our Christian partners, TEAR helps communities to identify their needs and helps them take significant steps out of poverty.

In spite of some visible improvements in many aspects in Mozambique, the country is still classified as one of the 10 poorest countries in the world. Development takes place in the cities and larger towns but the rural population are often left behind. Farming communities especially find it difficult to make ends meet. 

TEAR’s partner Gaza Works is responding to this challenge by supporting 590 vulnerable smallholder farmers - mostly women - to earn an income through sustainable agricultural practices. 

How your gift to Gaza Works helps:

Support small holder farmers to improve their yield and access to markets through co-operative structures. 

The aim of the project is to help farmers set up and develop cooperative agri-businesses that are sustainable and will result in long term improvements in the quality of life for themselves, their families and their wider communities. Independently, these farmers have little access to land, few resources to establish a business and little opportunities for employment. Many of the farmers are referred to the program through Gaza Work’s connections with the local church. 

Develop leadership and business management skills amongst farmer groups 

Beyond the economic benefits, the co-operative members learn business management skills. They track the harvest, yield, earnings and their costs across the seasons, leading to improved knowledge and skills in their work-day and broader life. 

Improve economic outcomes for vulnerable women and families in the community 

Most significantly, participants are able to direct the money they earn to productive purposes including home assets, education and other income-generating activities.

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