Covid-19 Emergency Fund

Help for Poor and Persecuted Christians

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Humanitarian Aid Persecuted Christians

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Updated 24-05-2020

Covid-19 Emergency Fund
Covid-19 Emergency Fund
Covid-19 Emergency Fund
Covid-19 Emergency Fund
Covid-19 Emergency Fund
Covid-19 Emergency Fund

Project Details

A family is crammed into their tiny home. Not a crumb of food in the house. They have not eaten for more than 24 hours. 

This is the reality of coronavirus lockdown for the poor of South Asia – especially Christians.

As a despised minority, often discriminated against in daily life, South Asian Christians are liable to being missed out when some of the aid distributions occur. In Sri Lanka and India, Christians are amongst those being blamed for spreading the virus. There is growing hostility against them. Reports coming into Barnabas Fund already speak of Christians being left out of aid distribution in both these countries.

But Barnabas Fund is helping. It does not cost much to save a life

Here is what we are doing, with God’s help and your donations: 

1. Food

For Christians who lost their income when lockdown came. This applies to many of the poorest, working as daily labourers, paid only for the day they work. Their earnings were too low to save and now they have nothing.

2. Hygiene products

Africa is bracing itself for an explosion of coronavirus, the start of it delayed only because there is less travel to and from their continent. How can they protect themselves? Already we are sending funds for soap, hand sanitiser gel and face masks for South Sudanese refugee families in Uganda.

3. Rural pastor support

In many countries, the income of a pastor, especially in rural areas, is from the donations of his congregation, on Sundays or when making pastoral visits. But the government in places like Kenya, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Uganda has ordered a lockdown. Now Christians cannot gather for worship, and pastors cannot visit homes. In any case church members have nothing to give. The pastors and their families are in a desperate situation. 

A staple food pack could help feed hungry Christian families who have lost their income

Requests for help are flooding in to Barnabas Fund from poor, discriminated against and persecuted Christians around the world. 

Donations also have been pouring in. Thank you. 

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