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Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring unprecedented challenges

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Updated 10-02-2022

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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring unprecedented challenges across the world, and Sri Lanka has been affected with many families out of work. Many are daily wage earners and if there is no work for the day, there is no food on the table that evening. As a result many families, including children are going without regular meals and are deficient in their daily nourishment requirements.

Food prices have also skyrocketed making it extremely hard for families to survive.  Year-on-year inflation increased to 14.2% in Jan 2022 (compared to Australia of 3.5% Dec 21), an all time high, with food inflation hitting a record 21.5%. Sri Lanka inflation rate is now Asia's fastest, overtaking Pakistan.

Wings of Hope Lanka have provided regular relief to the families involved in their projects as well as many other families who are living in dire conditions with basic necessities.  However, there are many more still requiring assistance and we are committed to helping them as much as possible.


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