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Project Summary

Livelihoods (Job Creation)

$47,700 needed to finish project

South East Asia

Tax Deductible

Updated 04-06-2020

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Key Points

  • Tax Deductible

Project Details

The Education Foundation now officially runs three branches, which offer education and training opportunities to local people from low-socio-economic backgrounds. The newest branch opened in 2019! The team at the Education Foundation has also partnered with some schools to support and assist them with their language programs, as well as using the Foundation to assist team members with their culture and language acquisition.

Our team currently serves in two of the three branches, operating out of six locations, with local staff currently operating the third and newest branch. Educational training is focused on upgrading vocational skills in areas such as language acquisition and teaching, health care and practical life skills such as budgeting, computer training and organisation, to enable individuals and families to wholistically improve their standard of living, benefiting their entire communities.

The team is seeking and taking new opportunities to become more involved in local communities as the Education Foundation becomes increasingly known and trusted.

Lives are being changed through the relationships our team is forming through the opportunities from this project!

Key areas for funding:

English Training Programs – Providing subsidised training for English teachers and students to develop in teaching and/or language skills

Language Nurturer Training – Local language teachers, often in low or no income homes, develop in teaching skills, which provides employment opportunities as well more suitably trained teachers for both expatriates and locals learning languages

IT Program – Develop and run courses and cover the cost of equipment

Institutional Development – Team building events and staff retreats for all employees, held three time pers year as well as website and IT infrastructure development to meet ever-changing regulations and enabling the Education Foundation to expand as it has been doing in recent times

Aged Care Training Program – Nurses trained in aged care and the running of community care programs, which addresses a growing need for Aged Care in the country and provides increased skills for those who are trained, which also benefits their own families and communities

Library – Maintaining and expanding the current library sites for staff and students to be well resourced in their programs

Rental and Renovations – Rental renewal and renovations are an ongoing but important part of operating the life-changing Education Foundation branches

Government Registration and Operational Fees – Government accreditation processes, including licensing fees, work visas and administration costs

Equipment and Resources – Purchase of classroom resources across the three branches, in six locations 

Why support?

Supporting this project empowers the people of South East Asia to increase employment opportunities and community outcomes by improving practical and vocational skills. It also enables courses to be developed and offered to specifically address the local needs, develop skills in the community and build lasting relationships for the team with individuals – both staff and students. Thank you for your partnership!

Gifts to this project are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. 

Please note, costs may change due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Funding Progress

Project Cost = $77,700 (100%)
Donated as at 29-05-2020 = $30,000 (38.61003861003861003861003861%)
Needed to Finish Project* = $47,700 (61.38996138996138996138996139%)

* Please confirm outstanding amount needed before donating.

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