Health & Livelihoods Project

Help communities live healthier & more productive lives through the work of our Christian partners

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Project Summary

Health Care Livelihoods (Job Creation) Water & Sanitation

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Updated 22-05-2020

Health & Livelihoods Project
Health & Livelihoods Project
Health & Livelihoods Project
Health & Livelihoods Project
Health & Livelihoods Project
Health & Livelihoods Project

Project Details

Help communities to live healthier and more productive lives through the work of our Christian partners in Myanmar.

Each gift to TEAR Australia is an opportunity to plan seeds of God’s Kingdom in poor and marginalised communities. Working with our Christian partners, TEAR helps communities to identify their needs and helps them take significant steps out of poverty.

TEAR Australia’s partner World Concern Myanmar has recently begun a new project aiming to address the health and nutrition of vulnerable households in 22 rural villages in Northern Kachin State, Myanmar. Working in collaboration with local communities, World Concern is developing an Integrated Health Program that provides improved access to food, better water and sanitation infrastructure and knowledge, and stronger economic resilience through access to Self Help Groups and savings and loans programs. 

How your gift to World Concern Myanmar helps

Establish Home Gardens and deliver food & nutrition training 

Households in this region of Myanmar experience a high level of seasonality in their food production and agricultural employment, low wages and fluctuating food prices. This severely limits the ability of many families, particularly landless households - to access diverse and nutritious food. Working with the most vulnerable in the community, World Concern helps to establish home gardens, crop diversification and support to improve yields and make more food available in the community. 

Develop more collaborative community structures for future planning 

Project activities are implemented in partnership with World Concern and local Village Development Committees. These are locally based community groups that are established to help the community identify needs, deliver training and ensure sustainability of activities. Self Help Groups that operate savings and loans programs are also developed through the project - providing access to funding that supports household needs. 

Improve water and sanitation infrastructure in the community 

Depending on village needs, World Concern works with local communities to support the development of hygiene and sanitation training to prevent diarrhoea, reduce the spread of disease and educate the community on good nutrition. 

Depending on the context, construction of latrines or wells at the household or community level is also undertaken.

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